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Covid Vaccines

Over 2 million people have now died of Covid-19, that we know of, and while the UK

and other western nations are in the process of vaccinating people, many countries

are either struggling to start the process of vaccine distribution or are too poor to

buy the vaccines. 


Those who work out the statistics say it could be 3 years before the whole world

has been offered the vaccines, but it doesn’t have to take that long.  We all know

this has to be a global effort, but there are many things in the way of the world

being vaccinated quickly; the first world’s self-interest, vaccine production, poverty

and war, misinformation, logistics, national pride etc.


In war-torn places like Yemen, it’s estimated that at least 160 million people may not get vaccinated.  The UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has called for ceasefires to allow those living in war-torn areas to get vaccinated. And in talks today with the UN, Mr Raab will encourage other countries to back the call, and for those that can, to provide vaccine support, financially and practically.


But even with ceasefires in place and backing from the richer countries, supply and demand could cause problems. There is concern that the big pharmaceutical companies are holding on too tightly to who is allowed to produce the vaccines.  Oxfam is saying that unless production of the vaccines isn’t ramped up significantly, many countries will see millions of their people not vaccinated. Many nations have top quality facilities able to produce the vaccines and need to be trusted to do that if the world is going to get anywhere near back to normal.


Can we be praying for the leaders of the United Nations, that ways would be found to bring peace and enable vaccination to be carried out in countries at war, that all those countries with the means to pay for vaccines and provide on the ground help would work together to see all people vaccinated, and that the pharmaceutical companies who own the vaccines would speedily work with other nations to set up production facilities, so we have all the doses needed to immunize the world quickly?


We thank you Father for the skills, insight and dedication you’ve given the scientific community in developing effective vaccines against Covid-19, we recognize that even the speed with which we have the vaccines, and the dedication of many people is also down to you.  We know even when times are bad, you are working for our good.


But for all the good we see, we also recognize the inequalities in our world, and we know this grieves your heart. It’s your desire that we work together to see all nations beat Covid-19, immunize all people and rebuild economies and lives devastated by this virus.


Father we pray that you would guide and inspire the world leaders to put aside selfish national decisions, for the sake of all people. May leaders and governments make decisions that are moral, ethical and practical, not based on pressure from others or their own agendas or insecurities.  We pray for leaders to make courageous and selfless decisions and pool their nations resources for the world as a whole. And we pray for real ceasefires that lead to real peace, so those people in countries devastated by war can not only be immunized but can rebuild their lives.


We pray for the pharmaceutical companies too Lord.  Help them to work with nations who have the right scientific, clinical and developmental capacity to produce more doses of the vaccines quickly and safely. We know this will cost a lot of money.  We pray that the money would be found in all these nations, so that they have the best and all they need to make and distribute the vaccines.  


Father, we thank you that you will take what the enemy intends for evil, and bring good out of it, and through it may your name be glorified and your kingdom extended.  In Jesus name we ask. Amen


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